Why the Job Search Board

Finding a job today is completely different than how it was years ago. Employers have gotten far more sophisticated in how and where they look for candidates – not to mention their surgical use of technology to screen candidates. Without the proper knowledge, support and tools – a job search can become an agonizing and prolonged process. Technology and information access has aided the job seeker, but it has also allowed for bad habits to “creep” into the job search.

Let’s face it. Very few of us have been trained on how to find a job. Creating a resume and looking in the “Job Listings” is the best most of us can do. We may try to network, but the process wears us down and soon we exhaust our limited job search tactics and strategies. When that happens, our motivation and activity level drops – and soon we’ll surrender to taking any job that comes our way.

Well that’s not good enough for us! At Job Search Board, we are advocates for the job seeker and it is our purpose to create better job seekers – who find the right job – faster.

Job Search Board is a strategic job search management system that:

Organizes and Manages the job search
Provides a research proven Process
Establishes Focus & Clarity to the job search
Delivers Strategies to gain interviews and job offers
Effectively incorporates the seeker’s social network in a relevant way
Connects the seeker with their job coach/counselor (if applicable)

Today’s job seekers need to be on a level playing field with the employer/recruiter forces that sometimes work against them. Job Seekers need a job search management system.

Job Seekers need Job Search Board!